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Owe taxes? What to do when you owe the IRS.

Listen, I’ve been there. You know the place where you’re afraid to open the notice from the IRS because you think they are coming for your right arm and both legs? The place where you KNEW that you should have been paying more through out the year, but you needed your money, so you chose go exempt from Federal taxes? Or how about the place where you thought you were paying enough to the IRS, and to your surprise you wound up with a tax bill! Listen to this quick podcast below by clicking the play button, or listen on iTunes by searching “small biz tax lady.”


I talk about if you should file, your payment options, and why you need to read your IRS notices. If you have a more complicated case (such as refund taken due to spousal debt, IRS wage garnishments, or a pending levy, please call us immediately at 855-743-5765 or email me directly at

Have a podcast idea? Send me your suggestions at or inbox me.


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